100% To The Truck (Geo Martinez)

Geo Martinez 100% to Truck

10th Planet standout Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez is here to show one of his favorite position entries using his brother Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez as his demonstration dummy. The 100% to the Truck. If you’re not familiar with 10th Planet terminology don’t worry it’s actually rather simple.

(Note: This technique can be done in either gi or no gi, but works better no gi.)

The Technique

Before we get into the technique, we’ll explain the terminology for those that don’t know. The truck is similar to a back control with one hook that you can hit a variety of submissions off of. 100% is similar to a neck crank used for control.

The 100% starts from guard, where you go over their head, hook an arm, and lock them down with a Gable grip. Geo uses the 100% to sweep the opponent over and end up in half guard.

He keeps the 100% grip and sits the opponent up and goes into the truck. Geo does falling to his back, while pulling his opponent going right to the truck. 

Martinez stresses when you go to your back not to bring their weight on top of you. It will be hard to get to the truck doing this. Instead put your knee behind their back, then sit on your butt for better control.

This combo is great to learn if you want to have better control of your opponent. 

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the 10th Planet system, check out Eddie Bravo showing the Whip Down and Electric Chair. Be on the lookout for new videos added every week!