3 De La Riva to Back Techniques (Miyao Brothers)

miyao brothers de la riva back take

The Miyao brothers, Paulo Miyao and Joao Miyao, are two of the most competitive jiu jitsu athletes in the world. They’re known for their amazing guards and most notably their ability to perform berimbolo techniques.

In this video, they show some of their patented berimbolo back takes from De La Riva guards.

(Note: This is a gi technique.)

Technique 1

Paulo and Joao’s first technique is from reverse De La Riva with a collar grip and foot on the bicep.(Same side as the reverse De La Riva.) The other hand is defending a collar grab that will stop the roll.

You bump the opponent to make space to grab their heel and then you begin your roll.  Use your hands to guide you, take butterfly hooks once your at their back. After that grab their belt and push them to their butt.

Technique 2

Technique 2 starts from De La Riva with one hand holding the leg an other with a cross collar grab. The free foot pushes their back leg making space for you to sit up.

You then roll back and take them over and begin the berimbolo. Control their legs and make your way to their back.

Technique 3

From De La Riva again with the same cross collar grip holding the heel on the DLR side. The inside leg moves to their stomach and you push them to their back.

Start the berimbolo roll, control their legs, and take the back.

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