3 Submissions Every BJJ Black Belt Should Know (Craig Jones, John Danaher, and Bernardo Faria)

Craig Jones, John Danaher, Bernardo Faria

While leg locks have recently been riding a wave of success in the competitive no-gi scene, it’s crucial to have a well rounded submission game. In this week’s video Craig Jones, John Danaher, and Bernardo Faria show various attacks that cover off on the whole body. Whether you’re a BJJ white belt or Rickson Gracie himself, you could definitely learn something from these 3 jiujitsu standouts.

Technique #1 Straight Ankle Lock

A leg lock wonder from down under, Craig Jones is first up with his demonstration of a straight ankle lock.

Jones comes in tight to his opponent, curls his body, and looks outward, while slightly extending to get the submission. He gets the grip around the ankle with his thumb just past the opponent’s achilles. His method turns the foot like a toe hold, while also putting pressure on the achilles.

Technique #2 North South Choke

Bernardo demonstrates a north south choke starting from side control. Bernardo goes to knee on belly to get a reaction and when the opponent lifts their head to defend, he goes right into the choke.

After securing his grips he sinks back, lowering his body down to apply the choke. The choke can be done with either one hand or two.

Technique #3 Reverse Armbar

John Danaher, coach of Gordon Ryan the current pound-for-pound #1 no-gi competitor, shows how to properly execute a reverse armbar. He shows that you need to control shoulder/head with your knees, while applying downward force on their elbow.

Watch the video to learn more details and check out our technique section for more videos. New techniques added weekly.