5 Basic Judo Throws (Shintaro Higashi)

Shintaro Higashi Judo

In this video, Judo competitor/black belt Shintaro Higashi demonstrates 5 judo throws everyone should know. He picked these 5, because they are the most basic and effective. You can also connect them all in different combinations.

The Throws

Ouchi Gari(inside trip): You have one grip on their sleeve and the other on the back of their collar. The move is just two cross steps to an inside falling forward to take them down.

Osoto Gari(outside trip): Same grips, you just fake an Ouchi and move to the side for an outside trip.

Koshigaruma: Your opponent has an underhook, so you reach around grabbing their tricep, while lifting their arm. Step across, lift them up, and pull their arm through to complete the throw.

(Note: Lift the arm high or they can get back control)

Goshi: This time Higashi has an underhook with a sleeve grip. He grabs the belt steps in and take the opponent over.

(Note: The opponent can go for Koshigaruma, so be aware.)

Sasae: Same grips as a Goshi, but they stuff it, so step across and take them down with a Sasae.

All of these moves are simple, effective, and can all be connected off counters.

For more techniques, check out our technique page and look for new techniques added regularly.