50/50 Combo (Steve Mocco)

Steve Mocco 50/50 Combo

This week, American Top Team coach and multi-time amateur wrestling champion Steve Mocco shows how to chain together different moves to set-up the 50/50 combo, one of his favorite techniques.

The Technique

The set up for this foot sweep starts from a 50/50 position. What Steve wants is to get a reaction out of his opponent. Once he gets them to move this puts them in position for his foot sweep.

He uses his own leg to push their foot back on his overhook side, faking a foot sweep to split their legs apart. When he pushes their foot back he takes a small cheat step. From there he turns the steering wheel towards his underhook, while putting his overhook elbow high, and tripping them with his foot. 

What also might happen is when you go for the fake sweep, they may drop to a knee. If this happens just grab a front headlock and snap them down to the floor.

Takedowns are often one of the most overlooked aspects of a jiujitsu competitors game, but are crucial for securing points and imposing your own game. For more takedowns, and other techniques, check out our techniques section!