Arm Bar From Guard (John Danaher)

John Danaher Armbar

In this week’s technique video, John Danaher shows a basic arm bar from guard. Danaher is known for being incredibly detail-oriented, while also focusing on the concepts of jiujitsu vs. purely technique. This week he shows a number of key details most people miss when performing an arm bar from guard.

The Technique

A key detail Danaher shares is the importance of the relationships between the opponent’s head/elbow and your hip. In order to perform an arm bar, you need to be controlling their head/elbow, while putting your hip aligned in the correct position.

John stresses that you need to bring their elbow to your centerline or further inside your hip for control. If their elbow is outside your far hip, you won’t be able to angle your hips to get the arm bar.

While controlling the elbow, your other hand controls their head. Ideally putting their head over their elbow, which gives you the ability to get a top lock position.

From here you should have aligned their head and elbow with your hip. You know have the ability to easily get your lower back off the floor and turn your hips for a tight arm bar.

Getting their head/elbow in place and then locking them in with the top lock will help take your arm bar game to the next level.

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