Arm Drag To Back Take (Gordon Ryan)

Gordon Ryan Back Take

The reigning ADCC heavyweight and absolute champion Gordon Ryan shows us an arm drag to back take variation. Arm drags are great techniques to learn to take an opponent’s back from guard.

(Note: Ryan is doing this technique nogi, but it can also be done in gi.)

Gordon starts off by explaining the mechanics of arm drags and how many come off opponents trying to take grips. When an opponent tries to grab a grip, you can redirect it to set up an arm drag.

The Technique:

This technique starts off from closed guard on bottom and you take double wrist control on your opponent. Both wrists with palm down grips.

You take your hand off of one wrist and grab the other wrist palm up cupping their tricep. You then take the wrist you’re controlling and pass it under your other arm on the ground.

With your free hand, you then reach over and grab their lat/armpit for control. Then you simply just open your guard and move to their back controlling them with the grips you took.

Ryan stresses to take a high grip on their tricep to avoid them slipping out or turning in to defend.

This is a simple and very effective move that is a must learn for anyone that practices BJJ. For more great content like this be sure to regularly visit our website and expand your jiu jitsu game.