Arm Triangle Sweep (Firas Zahabi)

Firas Zahabi Arm Triangle Sweep

Firas Zahabi is one of the most highly regarded MMA coaches in the world, most notably as the head trainer for welterweight legend Georges St. Pierre. In this week’s video he imparts some of his knowledge by showing an arm triangle sweep. This sweep starts and ends in an arm triangle and is very easy to complete.

The Technique

Zahabi starts this technique from closed guard when an opponent is putting their forearm in your throat. He pushes the arm to the side locks in an arm triangle grip.

Firas first shows to finish the submission by angling your hips out to lock in the choke tighter.

To get the sweep, he goes through the same process to get the choke first and then starts steps to sweep.

He opens his guard and grapevines his opponent to stretch him out and take his base. After he’s stretched out, Firas move one foot in for a butterfly hook and takes them over for the sweep.

To finish the technique, he moves to side mount and tightens the choke for the tap.

The video is over 10 minutes long and Firas goes into all the little details more in depth. He narrates and uses a marker to show exactly where his body should be positioned.

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