Coronavirus: What To Do When You Can’t Tain Jiu Jitsu (John Danaher)

John Danaher Coronavirus Solo Training

In the face of the current coronavirus pandemic, jiujitsu schools across the nation have been forced to close their doors. The inherent nature of jiujitsu makes it a big no-no in the era of social distancing, meaning we’re facing a long timeline to getting back on the mats. Seeing this prolonged period ahead of us, John Danaher got together with Bernardo Faria to let people know how they can stay sharp during this time off the mat. Danaher lists three important things that’ll help make sure you get back to the mats sharper than your classmates.

Solo Drills

You have to keep solo drilling to keep your technique sharp. Use the space you have and set time aside to do some BJJ solo drills.

Some solo drills you can do include: elbow escapes, level changes, guard retention movements with your belt, and rolls. If you have a grappling dummy it’s even better, so put it to good use during this time.

Stay In Shape

One of the hardest parts about returning to the mat is getting back in shape. If you work on your conditioning while off the mat this will be less of a problem.

If you don’t have workout equipment at home you can implement bodyweight exercises. Things like push ups, squats, and ab exercises are functional and will help keep you in shape.

Knowledge Acquisition  

Since you’re not doing BJJ training right now take the time to study. It’s just as important to train your mind and dive into the techniques that work for the sport’s greatest competitors. Take the opportunity to look through our technique section and keep studying techniques.

This is a difficult time, but we’ll get through it and be back training soon enough!