De La Riva Ankle Lock (Santeri Lilius)

Santeri Lilius De La Riva Ankle Lock

The co-owner of LiliusBarnatt Martial Arts in Costa del Sol, Spain, Santeri Lilius has made a name for himself on the European scene, having won a number of IBJJF Opens. Santeri Lilius, currently a black belt under Roger Gracie, showed this ankle lock from De La Riva a few years back as a brown belt that we think will be a great addition to your game.

The Technique

On the side he has the De La Riva hook, Lilius opens his hook, shifts his body, and hooks his arm around the opponent’s leg. After he gets hold of the leg, he then shifts his body back to being center with the opponent.

To tighten up the ankle lock, Lilius does two things. He presses his De La Riva hook into their leg, and brings his other foot down for leverage. The pressure is intense and the opponent will tap quick.

This is a nasty ankle lock that has an easy set up if you’re looking to add a new leg lock to your game. For more leg locks like this check out our technique section and look for more techniques added weekly.