Flower Sweep To Triangle (Braulio Estima)

Braulio Estima Flower Sweep Triangle

Braulio Estima, the 2009 ADCC Open Weight champion, shows us a flower sweep set up to triangle in this latest video from BJJ Fanatics. Estima is an accomplished grappler, having won the IBJJF Worlds 4x, known for his slick triangle setups and the submission he and his brother invented called the Estima lock.

The Technique

Braulio starts the set up for the technique by getting his grips for the flower sweep. He cross grabs a sleeve grip and a pant grip just below the knee.

In a flower sweep, you take your leg (same side as your grips) and bring it up into their armpit. At the same time you pull your grips to the same side to take them over for the sweep.

To defend this sweep, the opponent will base out with his free hand to stop it. That is what Braulio is looking for.

When the opponent defends the sweep, they open themselves up to a triangle. They put their hand down and you simply loop your leg over their head and lock in the triangle.

Very simple and effective move to move to learn that will make your guard more effective. Now, if you’re caught on the receiving end of this move and need a way to escape check out this triangle escape by Garry Tonon. For even more techniques like this check out our technique section and look for more techniques added weekly.