Getting Off The Centerline (Neil Melanson)

Neil Melanson Getting Off Centerline

Last time we had a video from Neil Melanson he showed how to catch a kimura on a turtled opponent, but this week the catch wrestling expert and BJJ black belt sticks to fundamental concepts in showing how to get off the centerline.

What Is Getting Off The Centerline?

As Neil explains the concept getting off the centerline sounds exactly how it sounds. When you’re in guard you’re looking to do anything you have to to create an angle.

If you stay centered with your opponent on top, you can’t do anything. They’re going to be pressuring and you’re not going to be able to make space to sweep or attempt submissions.

Ways To Get Off The Centerline

Neil lists two specific ways you can get off the centerline on your back. One way is putting your foot on their hip to angle and the other is to grapevine their leg.

Once you do one of these to make the angle, you can now attack with sweeps and subs. This is a foundational principle in creating a strong attacking game from guard.

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