Grappling Industries Offers Lifetime Membership To Fight Coronavirus Hits

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Grappling Industries Lifetime Membership

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on a number of businesses across the country, with the jiujitsu industry being no exception.

Seeing as sport jiujitsu isn’t exactly social distancing friendly, gyms have closed down and tournament organizers have been forced to postpone or cancel events.

Grappling Industries, one of the bigger players in hosting jiujitsu tournaments and putting on a great event, has also felt the financial impact of coronavirus.

To help combat the impact of canceled events and refunded entry fees, they’re selling lifetime passes to all Grappling Industries events.

The pass covers fees for both gi and no-gi entry, with the proceeds going towards helping the promotion and its employees stay afloat. You’ll also get a certificate like the one above to verify you’re a lifetime member.

Passes go for $700, though Grappling Industries is accepting offers as low as $500.

If you’ve never competed at a Grappling Industries event we highly recommend it. The tournaments are run well, have an affordable price tag, offer 3 or more matches, and always hand out cool medals.

For regular Grappling Industries competitors the lifetime pass is a no-brainer. To purchase one and help support an asset to the jiujitsu community you can reach out to