How To Takedown A Bigger Opponent (Henry Cejudo)

Henry Cejudo Takedown

Olympic gold medalist and current UFC flyweight champion breaks down how to take a bigger opponent down with Bernardo Faria.

Before showing the technique, Henry stresses that you never want to get into a battle of strength with bigger opponents. Focus on technique and instead use their own strength against them.

Slide By: The first technique he shows is called the slide by. It starts from a wrestling collar tie, but instead of grabbing their arm, he loops his hand under their arm. You push the opponent and when they push back, cup their tricep, step to the side, and they slide by.

Hence the name slide by.

The Super Duck: This technique starts from faking a single leg. When you go for the single leg, the opponent will generally take it away and grab a collar tie. As they grab a collar tie, you step to the side, duck under and take their back.

The basic principles of these moves are always make angles to take the back of a bigger opponent. You will have no fear of trying to take a bigger opponent down by using these techniques.

There’s tons of Cejudo technique videos to check on Youtube and subscribe to Bernardo’s channel for more great content.