Low Ankle Shot Kickaway (Ethan Lizak)

ethan lizak ankle shot kickaway

In this week’s video, 3x All American wrestler Ethan Lizak breaks down how to defend a low ankle shot with a kickaway. This technique comes from the Fanatic Wrestling channel, a partner channel of BJJ Fanatics and Judo Fanatics.

The Technique

Ethan starts with the opponent already having his ankle, meaning he has to act fast. He steps his far leg towards the side his opponent is in on, dives to that same side, posts his hand out, and grabs the opponent’s ankle with his free hand.

Now,  Lizak frees his controlled ankle by placing his free foot on the opponent’s tricep, kicking the trapped leg free and turning the corner to start his own takedown attempt.

Wrestlers who transfer over to competitive jiujitsu often see a fair amount of success given the take down advantage they hold over most jiujitsu players. Techniques like the kickaway make them hard to take down, underscoring how crucial it is for BJJ grapplers to train from the feet unless you plan on pulling guard every time you face a wrestler.

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