Mastering The Rubber Guard (Eddie Bravo)

Eddie Bravo Rubber Guard

We’ve posted a few technique videos of the 10th Planet system before, but this week the mastermind behind 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, Eddie Bravo, shows us the foundational position of the system, the rubber guard. In jiujitsu today knowing aspects of the 10th Planet system will really help your BJJ game out, whether it’s using it or just understanding how to defend against the rubber guard.

The Technique

Eddie explains that to get to rubber guard, you need to set it up by laying a trap, because no one is going to just give it to you a deep over/under. Instead, how he starts is from the knee shield where he lets the opponent come forward and he takes a lockdown in half guard.

To stop the opponent from passing his lockdown, Eddie straight arms their outside leg to defend. Eddie then switches his lockdown to a leg curl and starts to shake his trapped leg loose.

The opponent is going to instinctively back out and this is where Bravo takes a position he calls, the catch (deep over/under hooks). From here Eddie goes right into his rubber guard bringing the foot up behind their head or even over for maximum control.

This is a must watch video if you want to learn the basics of rubber guard and avoid getting caught in the same traps Eddie lays out in the video.

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