Reverse Kimura Grip From Closed Guard (Tom DeBlass)

Tom DeBlass Reverse Kimura

In this video, Tom DeBlass, a coach to Garry Tonon and also a 3x ADCC North American trials winner, shows every detail you need to know about the reverse kimura grip.

The Technique

Tom explains when you’re in closed guard your opponent will generally have their hands on your stomach. Instead of wasting energy separating their hands, you can just go to a reverse kimura grip and immediately attack.

He reaches across his body and grabs the opponent’s wrist and the other hand goes over their elbow and you grab your wrist. Like a kimura grip, but reversed.

There’s a lot of different possibilities with this grip. You could finish it, move to a traditional kimura grip, or go for an omoplata if they swim their arm out.

It’s a simple technique that will make your kimura even more dangerous and help diversify your game. For more techniques like this check out our technique section and look for videos added weekly.