Short Arm Drag To Crucifix Armlock (John Gutta)

John Gutta Straight Armlock

Black belt John Gutta is on BJJ Fanatics showing some of his favorite arm drag techniques and this week we take a look at one we think will really improve your guard game. This particular technique is a crucifix armlock set up from a short arm drag.

(Notice: This technique is done in the gi, but can be done no gi.)

The Technique

This technique starts when the opponent is driving forward. You’re going to palm the back of their tricep using your same-side arm and drive their arm down to the mat while you switch your hips out and get to your knees for the arm drag.

Sometimes, the opponent won’t adjust to the position and will get their arm stuck between your legs. This is the perfect time to get the crucifix armlock.

All you have to do is cross your feet, make sure their arm is between your legs, and shift your hips back for the submission.

It’s a straightforward technique you’ll be able to pick up quickly and incorporate into your game. For more fun there’s also a choke option available as well.

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