Shoulder Roll Back Take (Garry Tonon)

Garry Tonon Rolling Back Take

In this technique Garry Tonon, John Danaher pupil and DDS member, shows a technical back take from top quarter guard. It involves a forward roll under the opponent to take the back.

(Note: This technique can be done in gi or no gi.)

The Technique

Garry starts this technique from mount and shows that the opponent will generally escape and get a quarter guard. The first thing he stresses is that you have to take control of your top ankle or it won’t work. (He also notes that some teach to triangle your legs, but Garry says you just need your legs close.)

Tonon notes that you roll over your shoulder near their body. Rolling with the other will make you sweep yourself.

When he rolls, grabs the opponent’s feet to guide him towards the back, while using his feet to make space. Garry then grabs the opponent’s neck/arm and moves to secure the back position.

This technique offers a different option than just trying to fight to get back to mount. Your opponent won’t be expecting a roll to the back and it’s hard to defend, when done correctly.

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