Single Leg X Sweep (Felipe Pena)

Felipe Pena X Guard Sweep

Multiple time world champion Felipe “Preguica” Pena shows a sweep from single x guard. It is a really good position that gives a good and tight control of the opponent.

(Note: This is a gi technique.)

The Technique

In the initial setup, Pena shows a variation of single x guard. When the opponent defends traditional single leg x, they generally push your foot off their hip and pass.

What Felipe does when they push your foot off is hook it behind their leg and push them forward. His other leg is hooked behind their far leg and he has an overhook on the ankle of the near leg.

Pena’s goal is to stretch the opponent forward. After he stretches them forward, he grabs the pants near the ankle of the far leg.

Now that Pena has his grips, he pushes them forward again making them defend and then pulls them back. Felipe does this by locking his x guard and pulling the back leg.

After the sweep, he ends up on top ready to pass the guard.

This is a great setup and sweep from single leg x. For more content like this check out our other articles and the new techniques added every week.