The Anaconda Choke (Tom Davey)

Tom Davey Anaconda Choke

Tom Davey over at The Grappling Academy has a great video on setting up the anaconda choke from the cradle position, showing some details that’ll definitely help improve your anaconda choke.

The Technique

The first thing to do when you have your opponent in the cradle is to look for them to move their arm up to frame against you. This is the opening you’re looking for to put your arm in and start locking up the anaconda.

Instead of locking the figure four in behind their arm, what they show in the video is bring your elbow to their jaw as you fall back. Doing it this way will put your forearm right in your opponent’s throat.

By making your grip a little more shallow it shortens the space and makes the choke tighter. To finish the choke have your chest on the back of their head and walk back into them.

From the cradle to getting the choke it should be over in a few seconds. For more videos like this check out our technique section and look for more techniques added weekly.