The Easiest Way To Do The Twister (Stephan Kesting)

Stephan Kesting Twister

This week Stephan Kesting (BJJ black belt, owner of, and amazing instructor) shows an easy way to learn the twister, Eddie Bravo’s patented move he innovated from a wrestling cradle position. Knowing that learning the twister can be complicated, Stephan breaks down the position and shows an easy way to learn it from back control.

The Technique

Starting from back control, the sequence assumes you have both hooks and the opponent removes one. From here, you can start the steps to do the twister.

Fall to the side of the hook you have and control the leg by triangle-ing your legs doing a lockdown. While doing this you have to also control their arm, because if you don’t you’ll lose the position.

Now that you have control, swim your other arm inside their arm and wrap it around their head.

To finish the twister do an S grip around the opponent’s head and crank down to get the tap.

The twister is literally what’s happening to their body, so be careful when doing the sub to teammates. It’s a nasty submission that also gives great control of your opponent.

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