Torreando Counter Arm Drag & Rollover Pass (Jeff Glover)

Jeff Glover Torreando Counters

In this breakdown, Jeff Glover, a former ADCC bronze medalist, shows us how to counter the Torreando pass with an arm drag or rollover pass. A Torreando pass is a strong guard pass, but in this video Jeff shows a few slick ways to counter the move.

The Technique

The technique first starts with the opponent attempting a Torreando pass. They do this by grabbing reverse pistol grips on your pants, holding your legs down, and passing to the side. 

Jeff starts the counters the same way by also grabbing reverse pistol grips on the opponent’s sleeves. When the opponent passes to a side he keeps that grip and bases out with his other hand to not get pushed over. The opponent is open for an arm drag here, so Jeff takes his sleeve grip off to grab their arm and move his body around theirs to take the back.

The roll over option Jeff shows is also really cool. When the opponent passes, he has the same grips and instead of an arm drag Glover uses their momentum to roll them over. After the roll, there are a number of submission options for you to choose, whether an arm bar, triangle or omo plata.

These are great counters for the Torreando pass and for more techniques check out our technique section. New techniques added weekly.