Triangle From Seated Guard (Nicky Ryan)

Nicky Ryan Triangle Set Up

The young jiu jitsu phenom and DDS student Nicky Ryan shows us one of his favorite triangle setups. 

The Setup

Ryan starts this move from a seated guard position and grabs a two on one grip on the opponent’s arm. One grip is cupping the elbow and the other grip is a palm grip on their wrist.

His feet are on the opponent’s hip and bicep and he does two movements to get the triangle. He pulls the arm towards him, while pushing on their hip and bicep. 

As the opponent pushes toward Ryan, he lifts his hips up, clears the arm, and locks in his triangle. He then makes the adjustments to get the tap.

Triangle Tips

If you notice Nicky’s triangle, he makes an adjustment to finish the submission. Once you get the triangle make an angle to lock in the choke tighter.

Grab their arm or leg and turn to where you’re looking at their ear. This will help ensure that the choker is tighter and won’t escape.

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