Triangle From Z Guard (Dillon Danis)

Dillon Danis Z Guard

Love him or hate him, Dillon Danis knows how to draw attention. The Marcelo Garcia black belt turned Bellator fighter shows Bernardo Faria one of his favorite triangle setups in this week’s video. This is a slick setup from the z guard and easy to pull off.

(Note: This technique is good for gi or no gi)

The Technique

For those that don’t know, the z guard is basically a knee shield from half guard. It is a very effective position where you can get a variety of sweeps and submissions.

From here Dillon shows that the opponent will generally lace their arm between your legs to defend. When they do this he takes a shallow overhook and grabs the wrist of the other arm for control.

With the opponent’s arms controlled, Dillon can easily throw up a triangle and work for the finish. A really good detail they show is that he has his knee shield on Bernardo’s stomach for better control. By doing this, the opponent can’t put pressure on you.

This is a very simple and efficient technique and a great introduction to learning how to use the z guard.

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