Triangle vs Kneeling Opponent (Jonathan Thomas)

Jonathan Thomas Triangle Choke

Our latest technique of the week showcases Lucas Lepri black belt Jonathan Thomas showing a slick triangle set up when the opponent is kneeling down. Look below and see the details of this nice technique.

The Technique

When you have something like a double lasso spider guard position and the opponent is on their knees, they’re essentially prone. It’s harder to pass and they’re basically stuck in a defensive position.

Whenever they open space between their body and their arm this opens up the possibility to take a triangle. If the opponent is keeping their elbow tight you’ll want to maintain tension with the sleeve grip on the same side you’ll be locking the triangle in. By pulling on that sleeve and bumping your hips in towards the opponent and past their elbow you’ll be able to create the space to take off your lasso or spider hooks and pin them down to set up the triangle.

It’s a very straight forward setup to get your triangle. Just remember when working this type of guard if they open space between their arm and body, you can set up a triangle.

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