Underhook Fundamentals (Chael Sonnen)

Chael Sonnen Underhook Fundamentals

Chael Sonnen, former UFC middleweight contender and All-American wrestler, in this breakdown shows the fundamentals of the underhook. Being comfortable with takedowns and starting from the feet is often overlooked by many gyms, but absolutely crucial in competitive jiu-jitsu. Here Sonnen explains almost everything you need to know about the underhook to give you an edge in your next competition.

The Technique

Chael first explains that when you get an underhook that you need to base your hand on their shoulder and flex your elbow outward. This establishes control and if you don’t do this it gives the opponent an opportunity to control you with an overhook.

Sonnen then explains how from the underhook, you can set up takedowns. You set up different double leg and single leg takedowns all from a good underhook control.

He also shows that you can get a front headlock from the underhook position, as well. When the opponent tries to get control of your arm, you can turn them and take a headlock.

Mixing up the underhook and headlock opens up different set-ups for takedown entries.

Finally, Chael shows how to get an underhook from an opponent’s collar ties. Simply bump their collar tie elbow with your opposite arm and this gives you space to pummel in for an underhook.

These are great wrestling fundamentals you need to know to control an opponent and set up entries for takedowns.

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