X Choke From Mount (Murilo Bustamante)

Murilo Bustamante X Choke

In this technique video one of the all time great grapplers and former UFC middleweight champion, Murilo Bustamante, shows a basic X choke from mount. It is a fundamental choke that is super tight and easy to learn.

(Note: This is a gi technique.)

The Technique:

The first thing Murilo does is makes space by opening his opponent’s gi to slide in a collar grip (palm up cross grip). To set his other grip, he place it next to the opponent’s head and sprawls at the same time.

By doing this Bustamante puts pressure on their neck setting his choke and forces them to react. When they react, they open up space for the top grip and for Murilo to set the choke.

Murilo shows a lot of little details with this choke. He notes that your head needs to be placed next to the top hand and you need to squeeze your legs inward for a tighter choke. 

Also, he doesn’t immediately try to grip with the top hand, because they’ll block it. This is why he sprawls and places the arm next to their head instead of going right for the grip.

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